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Innovation Lab is where the science begins

The Active DifferenceAll of our products begin with a desire to solve a grower’s problem, or to more significantly improve production and yield.

Innovation Lab scientists are experts in the plant growth cycle at a molecular level. They understand precisely how various bio-chemical elements and compounds are absorbed and utilized by different parts of different plants.

That knowledge sparks ideas, particularly when they hear of challenges that growers face, like poor propagation results or acidic water.

Those ideas lead to hypotheses – theoretical solutions that are tested through scientific research.

Using a rigorous scientific method of observation, measurement, experiment, formulation, testing, and modification, the Innovation Lab team make extraordinary new discoveries.

Intrinsic™ is one of those amazing discoveries. With numerous benefits at all stages of plant growth, Intrinsic™ is found in many of our products. It regulates gene transcription, acts as a free radical scavenger, mimics plant hormones, and protects plants from environmental stressors, resulting in stronger growth and higher yield.

Another outcome is the AutoCorrect-pH technology™ in our products that protects plants from the effects of high acidity or alkalinity.

Each of our products is created with specific bio-chemical objectives and proven science; and if you’re interested in the molecular details, we’re happy to share.



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